How Business Connect Enables Teams to Work Remotely

Business Connect
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Business Connect

Up until 2020, a good majority of people had never worked from home. The idea alone, for some, made people nervous.

Business Connect

How quickly this changed. My wife, for example, spent over 20 years in an office. Now she’s taking client meetings at home. This was a massive undertaking that took a few weeks to figure out and work out the kinks. Today a home office is longer a one-off opportunity for sales teams. It’s a day-to-day occurrence. This pandemic has had a massive impact on all businesses, big and small. No more water cooler chats or gather the team up meetings around the boardroom table. Now, businesses today are sending out virtual meeting requests, and everyone is connected via the web. Some are using services like Skype, WebEx, TELUS Business Connect etc.

Over the past few months, I think I’ve seen it all, from our cats jumping up on my desk, to construction noises interrupting my calls The problems business had before the pandemic are still there, like systems problems stemming from ageing phone systems or defective conference room equipment. Don’t get me started with trying to source rare parts. This all leads to significant downtime. More and more businesses are turning to cloud-based collaboration tools now that virtual work from home is the new norm.

So how can a business enable its team for success?

Enabling productivity and enhancing the work from home experience

TELUS Business Connect is an advanced cloud-based unified communications system that integrates VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony with other communication and collaboration functionality.

It also improves productivity by creating a consistent experience on multiple devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone).

The top list of features include: 

  • Local phone numbers (in different cities)
  • Toll-free phone numbers 
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Unlimited North American minutes
  • Video meetings
  • Audio conferencing up to 1000 employees
  • Digital faxing
  • Call recording
  • Chat functionality
  • Full analytics
  • App integration with MS Outlook / Office, G Suite, others

If you would like to learn more or get pricing on TELUS Business products, please fill out the form below.

What to Learn More

To find out more about using Pipedrive to help you scale your business, book a call with one of your account managers. We will learn more about your business and show you how to optimize your processes.

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