How Dan’s HVAC Company Improved

HVAC Owner Dan
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About Dan

Dan owns and operates an HVAC company. He’s got one office in an industrial part of the city. It’s a small facility for the front office staff, a place for the team to work, and a place to store parts.

The business is well established and has been operating for over 20 years. They have a small team that consists of one marketing manager, three sales development representatives, an office manager and a controller.

HVAC Owner Dan

Meet The Team​

Each person on the team plays a vital role in the company’s overall success of the business.




Dan is the general manager of the business. He manages the day-to-day and client relationships.

Sales Assistant


Account Mgr

Responsible for managing the phones, appointments, data entry and other admin tasks. He’s also responsible for sales.



The technicians complete the jobs

Sylvia Suggest CRM



Responsible for marketing and lead generation. She also manes the website.

The Meeting

He pulled in the sales team and the marketing manager for an urgent meeting. 


Dan said,

Tell me why the sales are down this quarter and why the forecasts are off.

Sylvia said,

“Hey, Dan. I give the guys at least 100 to 200 leads a month. Ask the sales team.”

Sylvia Suggest CRM
Sales Assistant

Syed Said,

“Yeah, most of those leads are garbage.”


Dan’s been a tin whacker for over 20 years, and if there is one thing about Dan, he’s a perfectionist and pays attention to every detail.

Dan said, “Enough. Let’s get to the root cause of the problem.”


The Problem

After talking for over two hours, I could clearly see that the sales team hadn't given much thought to our sales process and left most of the lead generation up to the marketing manager. The sales team was using spreadsheets and Microsoft outlook to manage their lead lists, update their calendar, and send emails to manage our sales funnel. This was causing a problem because everything is all over the place. The forecasting was off because most of the deals in their list contained companies that would never use his services. This caused the salespeople to waste time calling prospects that wouldn't be a good fit. Also, many deals were falling through the cracks because the team forgot to follow up. The cause stemmed from all the back in forth emails with suppliers. Emails were getting lost. It was clear to me that there must be a better way. Something would need to change, or we were going to keep losing business.



Getting started

Together, they started mapping out their sales process from the point where the lead was first generated, how they identified qualified leads, and all the communication points from phone calls, emails, and meetings. They also reviewed all the actions that went to sending and following up with quotes.

Sales Team - CRM
Sylvia Suggest CRM

Sylvia said,​

You know Dan, a Customer Relationship Management tool could help us to visualize our sales pipeline, manage all of our lead communications in one place. Like our emails, phone calls, meetings, and even the quote.

Sylvia said,

We could also share this information with everyone on the team. That way, we eliminate all the back and forth emails because all the talk and communication are in one place. In one tool that everyone has access to. It also has a Mobile APP the team can easily use on the road and at job sites.

We could also eliminate the back and forth. Instead, we could just assign tasks within the CRM that will hold each person accountable for what they need to do for each deal.

Sylvia Suggest CRM

What Dan Decided

Dan was skeptical at first. He was concerned that it would cost him a fortune, and the sales reps wouldn’t use the tool anyway.

Sylvia spoke up and told Dan that she would train the team how to use it. And, she could set up the deal stages in a way that would customized for our business. This way, they keep all their  prospects and customer data in one place.

She also pointed out that if they had  saved just two deals this quarter, the revenue generated in those deals would have easily covered the annual cost for the CRM. In fact, if her predictions were correct, then they would probably see an increase by the end of the next quarter because of eliminating the time it takes to put a quote together because she could create a template for the reps to use and automate a task for the engineer to update the quote.

Dan agreed.

Let’s check in with him six months later…

The Solution

Sales are up, and I didn't have to lay anyone off. Before using the CRM, we had a lot of simple problems that needed fixing. We no longer have lost deals because of the lack of follow-up, that's for sure. The quotes are now going out the same day. Before that, it took the team two to three days on average. We mapped out our sales process and then customized each step, labelling it clearly in the CRM pipeline. That way, our team and I know what stage the lead is in. This helps to understand where each potential job sits and if there's any likelihood of closing the deal. No more fake forecasts.

The other big change is the team is more engaged and productive. For example, the sales team gives immediate feedback to the marketing manager whenever she adds a lead that's not a good fit. This has helped the marketing manager get better at identifying leads. The salespeople are happy because the conversations they're having now are with people interested in our services.

Here's a look at our pipeline.



The Solution

We clearly mapped the important stages. The Sylvia fills the lead-in stage with good-fit leads. She assigns a talk for the reps based on territory and industry. Syed can now stay on top of all the activities he needs to do to work the sale. We've also automated a few tasks so that he doesn't drop the ball. This automation has already saved us a few deals.


Pipedrive CRM


We’ve actually seen an increase in repeat jobs. Once she imported all of our customers into the CRM, our marketing manager realized that we didn’t have a schedule to re-engage with our customer base. She set up an automation that automatically assigns a task to a sales rep to contact our customers at specific times throughout the year. We got a few sales that way too.”


“You know, if it wasn’t for my marketing manager convincing me that I’d see a return on my investment, I probably would have never made the decision to invest the time or money into purchasing a CRM for the team. Now, I don’t know how we could work without it. It was a simple solution to simple problems that made me more money.”

What to Learn More

To find out more about using Pipedrive to help you scale your business, book a call with one of your account managers. We will learn more about your business and show you how to optimize your processes.

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