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Driver tracking

Improve driver behaviour with GEO Tab’s robust suite of driver tracking and coaching tools. Find the solution that’s right for your business. From scorecards and trend reports to collision avoidance systems, Geotab offers you the ability to customize their solutions to fit your business needs.

Case study

Black & Veatch: Improving driver behaviour in the field

Using Geotab’s driver scorecard, Black & Veatch improved their average fleet safety score by 28% and reduced the number of high-risk drivers by 87%.

The challenge: Improving driving behaviour in the field

Black & Veatch is a global engineering and construction company, specializing in critical utilities, including energy, water, and telecommunications, with more than 11,000 employees in over 100 countries. Many people rely on their services to keep their everyday lives and businesses going. It’s essential that Black & Veatch’s mobile workers arrive on time and safely so they can get the job done. Jeff Hill, Fleet Manager for Black & Veatch (Construction Equipment & Fleet Services) in the U.S., needed a way to help minimize the risk of accidents and promote better driving.

Based out of Overland Park, Kansas, the Black & Veatch fleet consists of 450 vehicles, including a mix of cars, service trucks (light-duty to heavy-duty), and even a few Class 8 trucks. Many fleet drivers are lone workers, responding to calls in the field. Telecom workers in particular put in many miles on the road, driving from cell tower to cell tower performing upgrades or maintenance. Some workers can drive up to 7,000 miles per month.

The goal was to increase driver safety and decrease accidents and liability. Safety is priority number one at Black & Veatch. As noted by Hill, “We are a zero tolerance safety company.” The challenge was to find a solution that could accurately measure performance and also motivate the diverse group of drivers.

The solution: Increasing transparency and accountability
Driver Safety Scorecard

A driver safety scorecard was implemented to better identify at-risk drivers. With Geotab’s support, Black & Veatch developed the rules and fine-tuned the parameters. The driver scorecard allowed Black & Veatch to clearly pinpoint issues and see which drivers or vehicles needed additional training.

Previously, Black & Veatch was using different providers and two different telematics systems. Once the Geotab fleet management solution was installed and running, the process was streamlined. With all the data together in one system, it was possible to see driving trends and ways to enhance performance.

A policy was developed to help ensure all drivers followed specific safety guidelines, with driver safety scores reported each month to supervisors, the management team, and communicated to employees.

Black and Veatch sees fewer accidents with telematics
Within the first year of the program, Hill started seeing positive results.

Since implementing the scorecard and policy, Black & Veatch improved their average fleet safety score by 28%. Black & Veatch also lowered the accident rate from over 5 to 3 accidents per million-mile (PMM). The number of high-risk drivers was reduced by 87%.

With workers driving 15 million miles per year, that benefit adds up. The data shows that Black & Veatch could reduce close to 30 accidents in a 12 month period.


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