Zyfra MDCplus – efficiency improvement tools for the steel industry

Iron and Steel Company Process
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How an Iron and Steel company used process improvements to increase profits by 1.2 million euros


Iron and Steel Company Process
Machine Hours per Month
Zyfra MDCplus - Before Implementation

Before Implementation %

Zyfra MDCplus - After Implementation

After Implementation %

Zyfra MDCplus is the industrial equipment monitoring system

Zyfra MDCplus - Digitization Process

The basic component of the enterprise's digitalization process.

  • Connection to any industrial equipment and process operations control.
  • Accumulation of the equipment and personnel performance statistics enabling the top management to detect “bottlenecks” of operating cycles.
  • An opportunity to reduce paperwork
  • Equipment operation and downtime control including classification of its reasons.
  • Transmitting information on emergency situations to relevant divisions.
  • Parts and process operations identification.

Implementation of the monitoring system

Manufacturer of interchangeable equipment and spare parts for process units of steelmaking and ore dressing facilities.

Objectives for the monitoring system implementation:


  • Development of an integrated system for the enterprise performance assessment
  • Increase in the equipment load factor
Zyfra MDCplus - Implementation of Monitoring System

Tasks for Zyfra MDCplus

Zyfra MDCplus Implementation

At the pilot project stage, Zyfra MDCplus was deployed on 2 machines: EMCO Linearmill 600 with Heidenhain CNC and Unisight Uniport with Siemens CNC.

The machines were connected together at the same time via direct protocol and by using hardware for more complete data collection. Monitoring Terminal TVV-10 and Zyfra MDCplus Adapter R-03D were installed on the machines

We defined the main modes of the machines: operation, downtime, machine ON, no data.
Part processing mode was defined against threshold values of loads on electric drives of machines.

For the in-depth analysis of downtime reasons, the manual entry of 12 specific modes of equipment was implemented.

All the pre-set KPIs were achieved as a result of the pilot project. The enterprise’s top management decided to connect to the monitoring system 47 machines more and thus to integrate the train of machines into the unified network.

Zyfra MDCplus - Implementation
Zyfra MDCplus Implementation Results

Zyfra MDCplus Implementation Results

The data showed that for 33% of work time fund the machines were switched on while unreasonable downtime amounted to 22%. Details of downtime reasons allowed to make management pointwise decisions for reducing downtime. As a result, detected production reserves allowed increasing the equipment load almost 2 times.

Control of the machine drive power consumption resulted in:

  • detection of power reserves
  • increase in the load on machines
  • increase in the cutting mode
  • decrease in the parts processing cycle

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