Zyfra MDCplus — the Production Digitalization Base for Aircraft Building Plants

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Zyfra MDCplus is the industrial equipment monitoring system, the fundamental component of the enterprise's digitalization process.

Production Data
Zyfra MDCplus - Before Implementation

Before Implementation %

Zyfra MDCplus - After Implementation

After Implementation %

The manufacturer of cargo planes and aircraft refuelers

Aircraft Production Facility

The production complex has a wide range of process operations: from stamping and machine processing to final assembly and aircraft testing.

Objectives for the monitoring system implementation:

Rational production resources management based on objective data on the equipment and personnel operation: starting from the nomenclature production plan to the process operation and equipment.

Objectives of the Zyfra MDCplus implementation

Project Background

Why does an aircraft plant need the monitoring system:
  • elimination of the work time losses
  • performance growth
  • digitalization of production processes
Project complexity

Connection to machines with different CNCs: SiemensHeidenhain, Fanuc and to the equipment without CNC. Several machines could not be connected to CNC racks via the direct protocol. The necessity of the ОЕЕ calculations according to the UAC methods.

The following requirements were presented:
  • combining various equipment into a unified network
  • controlling power consumption of machines
  • monitoring the execution of control programs
  • optimization of the service divisions’ work.
Connection of machines
  • Monitoring Terminal TVV-10 + Zyfra MDCplus Adapter R-03D
  • direct network
  • Monitoring module
  • Production control
  • Computerized maintenance management system
Zyfra MDCplus -Project Complexity
Zyfra MDCplus - Implementation

Zyfra MDCplus Implementation

At the pilot stage, three machines with various CNC systems were connected to the monitoring system.

The connection was carried out in a combined way: direct network connection + deployment of TVV10 terminal and power block BM- 03D.

The system of alerts on the top of critical events was set up. Transmitting control programs to machines was automated, operators limited to make changes in the programs.

Following the pilot project results, the low utilization of 2 machines was identified (load ratio = 5%), the reasons for their downtime were defined. Unjustified consumption of power by one machine — 519 kW/month — was detected.

All KPIs set for the system were fulfilled, and a decision was made to deploy the system on 73 more machines. The increase in machine utilization.

Zyfra MDCplus Implementation Results

The data obtained showed unreasonable downtime of machines (24.7%)—the system allowed detailing reasons for the downtime and eliminating them. As a result, the load of machines increased by 31.5%.

Zyfra MDCplus -Results


Automation of the CNC data transmitting and control of their execution resulted in

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