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Zyfra develops AI, IIoT-based solutions and robotic mining equipment for heavy industry. Their key fields are mining and metals, machinery, oil & gas and chemical sector. Their solutions already increase production efficiency by up to 20%, for 400 enterprises in 22 countries.


The industrial machine monitoring and production data collection system

Real-time Machine Monitoring

MDCplus provides real-time monitoring of production equipment, anytime and anywhere. The system supports connection to CNC machines, legacy machines, industrial robots and production lines. You can evaluate the state of your machines on dashboards, a timeline, or on an interactive shop floor layout using a traditional Windows application or a modern Web client.

Production Control

Often an enterprise needs software to synchronize, coordinate, analyze and optimize production output. MES systems (Manufacturing Execution System), which are designed to do these tasks, usually offer an excessively wide functionality and their implementation takes a lot of time and resources. Considering the needs of our customers in an easy-to-use and inexpensive module for planning and controlling production at the shop floor level, we developed Production Control. Now MDCplus is more than just ‘equipment monitoring’.

Video Monitoring

An important component in ensuring overall safety, maintaining equipment and controlling the work of personnel of any modern plant is a video surveillance system. It allows you to track the sources of problems and protect the business, providing the ability to control the actions of the warehouse and industrial premises personnel, reducing the likelihood of erroneous, dishonest or malicious actions. Given the specifics of working on CNC machines and the situations that arise around them, we have developed an inexpensive and easily scalable video monitoring application. The Video Monitoring module allows you to use IP cameras in real time to monitor what is happening on the shop floor or to receive video for a selected time interval.

Power Consumption Monitoring

Investments in production are not limited to the cost of buying CNC machines. The energy consumption of industrial equipment is also a significant cost to the enterprise and the machine continues to consume electricity even during downtime. The Power Consumption Monitoring module collects and aggregates data on energy costs in various modes and conditions of the machine, allowing you to analyze the quality indicators of the power supply system and technological operations in terms of their energy efficiency.

Vibration Monitoring & Diagnostics

Zyfra MDCplus offers a unique functionality for its class of systems designed for vibration monitoring. The optional Vibration Monitoring & Diagnostics module allows for the use of special sensors and devices installed on the CNC machine to measure the parameters characterizing the technical condition of the mechanical components of the CNC machine, compare the obtained values with the acceptable values and notify the user if the vibration parameter values exceed the set thresholds.

Computerized Maintenance

Automated support for maintenance and repair work helps to reduce repair time and increase the durability of production equipment. The Computerized Maintenance module is usually in demand at large enterprises and includes two sub-modules: «Dispatching» and «Maintenance». The first is used by service departments in their operations to ensure the organizational and technical readiness of equipment and to generate reports. The second one supports planning processes, coordination and control of repair and maintenance work, automated accounting of equipment operating time and provides preventive maintenance of machine tools.

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